A Harmonized Place

Hotel Geobiology

The Art of Harmonizing Environment and Well-Being

Geobiology is a recent practice that aims to measure the influence of the living environment on the biological balance of humans, animals, and plants. Formed by the juxtaposition of the Greek roots 'gê' (meaning 'Earth'), 'bio' ('life'), and 'logos' ('study'), the term "geobiology" was introduced around 1950 by German researchers. Indeed, Doctor Hartmann is credited as the first to use the terms "geopathy" and "geopathogenic" (referring to the Earth that can cause disease). Geobiology can essentially be summarized by the question: is your bed located in the right place?

Harmonization of your space and staff takes into account the following factors:
• Natural disturbances
• Human technologies
• Metaphysical factors
• The lived memories of the place

Natural Disturbances

Geobiology studies how certain natural forces of the Earth influence our environment:

  • Magnetic fields and geopathic networks: invisible energy zones and "veins" of energy similar to meridians in acupuncture.
  • Ground emissions: such as radioactivity, which escapes from the ground.
  • Underground rivers and geological faults: hidden watercourses and subterranean fissures that alter the energy of places.
  • Cosmo-telluric chimneys and vortexes: energy whirlwinds combining terrestrial and cosmic forces.
  • Form waves and cosmic energies: energies created by physical objects and emanating from sources like the sun or the moon.

The Technologies

The technologies created by humans represent a second group of factors influencing our environment:

Electric and Magnetic Fields: originating from sources such as high-voltage power lines and induction cooktops.

  • Static Electricity: generated by synthetic materials like carpet and electrical devices such as printers and computers.
  • High Frequency Waves: emitted by devices such as radios, Wi-Fi, and microwaves.
  • Types of Construction: materials such as synthetic foam, polyurethane, or reinforced concrete.
  • Pollutants and Toxic Substances: present in the air, water, and soil, including carbon monoxide, radioactivity, and various chemicals.

The Metaphysical Factors

Metaphysical factors also form part of the elements influencing places:

  • Healthy Energies and High Vibrational Frequencies: The goal is to establish a positive energetic environment in your space.
  • Harmonization of Professional Relationships: Improving interactions and the atmosphere at work, which can also increase attendance.
  • Restoration of the Original Frequency of the Place: Restoring the initial energetic characteristics to a space.
  • Facilitating the Sale of Real Estate: Assisting in the sale of a business, house, or land by improving their energy.

The Memories of the Place

The Earth's historical experiences are also considered as influencing places, especially recorded in the Earth's energy bodies:

  • Repeated Fears: Collective feelings of fear experienced over time.
  • Practices of Magic and Energetic Wounds: Past events or practices that can affect the current energy of a place.
  • Memories of Wars and Diseases: Significant historical events that leave an energetic imprint.

Optimization of Hotel Space" in English.

I specialize in improving the ambiance and energy of your hotel to create a welcoming and soothing environment. My work involves assessing and adjusting the hotel's environment to provide guests with an exceptional stay experience.

Cleansing and Harmonization

Hotels, filled with stories and memories, can accumulate residual energies that impact the atmosphere. I endeavor to cleanse these energies to harmonize the space, thereby solving problems such as recruitment difficulties, guests' sleep disturbances, or staff stress.

Concrete Objectives

My goal is to restore an energetic harmony that translates into tangible benefits: an increase in customer satisfaction, improved staff well-being, revenue growth, and the development of customized strategies to meet the specific needs of your hotel.

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