Training Programs

Strengthen your skills and those of your collaborators.

At Healtel Consulting, I understand the importance of tailored training and strong collaboration among your teams. My modules, both innovative and practical, aim to strengthen the effectiveness and skills of your collaborators in a concrete and direct way.

Communication Training

Essence of the Training: Learn to communicate effectively in hospitality for exceptional customer service and harmonious team collaboration.

Main Objectives: Strengthening listening and appropriate response skills. Clear and positive communication with teams and clients. Effective management of feedback and complaints.

Key Techniques: Verbal and non-verbal communication adapted to the hotel environment. Strategies for constructive exchanges, even in stressful situations.

Gestion des Émotions

Acquisition of Key Skills in Emotional Management: Develop a deep understanding of customer emotions and their impact on hotel service.

Understanding and Responding to Customer Emotions: Learn to identify and respond to the emotional needs of customers to improve their satisfaction and experience.

Practical Application: Strengthen your skills through practical exercises and case studies, based on real situations in the hotel industry.

Gestion E-Réputation

Establishing an Effective Online Presence: Understanding the importance and techniques to maximize online visibility, including website optimization and SEO improvement.

Monitoring and Management of Online Reputation: Mastery of customer reviews on platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google, and, and techniques for distinguishing and analyzing genuine and fake reviews.

Review Response Strategies: Strategic use of keywords in responses, handling negative reviews, and building positive communication with customers.

Leadership et Management

Understanding and Assuming the Role of a Manager: Exploration of the specifics of the manager's role in hospitality, including handling resistance and establishing team rules.

Renforcement et Gestion d’Équipe : Application de techniques pour évaluer et améliorer les potentiels de l’équipe.

Leadership Optimization: Implementation of delegation and time management strategies to boost managerial effectiveness while focusing on personal and professional development.

Revenue Management

General Knowledge: Definition of Yield, RevPAR, Net RevPAR, steps, and imperatives: Understand the key terms and fundamental principles of Revenue Management in the hospitality industry, including key performance indicators.

Identify the Costly Customer: Optimize revenue, create basic tools and measures: Techniques to identify the least profitable customer segments and strategies to optimize revenue.

Analyze and Forecast: Learn to use forecasting tools (Yield Forecast) and rate planning tools (Rate Planner) to develop pricing strategies. Understand how to structure pricing to maximize revenue based on demand forecasts.

CSR & Quality of Life

Improvement of Working Conditions: Implementing CSR policies in the hospitality industry aims to enhance the working conditions of employees, thereby contributing to a safer and healthier work environment.

Commitment to Sustainability: By adopting sustainable practices, hotels can reduce their environmental footprint, which not only helps the planet but also enhances the establishment's reputation with both customers and employees.

Promotion of Inclusivity: CSR in the hospitality industry encourages inclusivity and diversity, creating a respectful and welcoming work environment for all employees, which enhances their satisfaction and engagement.

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