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You take care of the clients, I take care of you.

At Healtel Consulting, I use your hotel's existing tools to optimize your online reviews. My goal is simple: enhance your establishment and boost your bookings while allowing you to focus on your customers. With a personal and professional touch, I transform every review into an opportunity for growth for your hotel.

Indeed, over 90% of customers consider reviews essential when deciding to book a hotel. It is therefore essential for hotels to closely monitor customer satisfaction and experience on various review sites.

Be free at every moment

At Healtel Consulting, I make managing customer reviews both efficient and simple:

Full Availability: Handling customer comments and requests 24/7 on all sites using your existing tools.

Personalized Responses: Each comment receives a unique response on various platforms, such as:

Employee Alerts: Your teams are alerted in real-time to reviews that require special attention.

Monthly Reports: You receive a detailed report of reviews on all channels, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

With Healtel Consulting, stay at the heart of customer feedback for a service that is always closer to excellence.

Hand in hand

What sets me apart?

Personalized Services

Each service I offer is tailor-made to meet the unique requirements of your establishment and your budget, ensuring a strategy that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

Dedicated Team

As a hospitality expert, I become an extension of your team, putting my passion for your property and your values to work for your online presence.

Focus on Results

My approach is decidedly results-oriented. All my actions are aimed at achieving the objectives that matter most to you, turning challenges into growth opportunities for your establishment.


The Impact of Review Responses

The Importance of Reviews

More than 80% of travelers consult reviews before booking a hotel, highlighting the crucial importance of online reviews in attracting customers​.

Hotel Reputation and Revenue

The reputation of a hotel, reflected in reviews and management responses, has a direct impact on the rates that customers are willing to pay, thus affecting the hotel's revenue. A good reputation can lead to higher average daily rates.

Review Responses and Customer Service

Review responses are used by potential customers to assess the quality of a hotel's customer service. Responsive and professional management of reviews can therefore have a positive influence on customer perception​.

Increase in Revenue

An improvement of one star in a hotel's rating can contribute to an increase of 5 to 9% in its revenue. Active review management is therefore essential to optimize the establishment's revenue​

My Approach

Review Management Process

Integration and Monitoring

I use the existing tools in your establishment to monitor and integrate reviews from all relevant platforms.

Comprehensive Reading and Analysis

I personally read and analyze every review, ensuring a deep understanding of customer perception.

Handling Problematic Reviews

I take care of reporting and attempting to remove contentious or inappropriate reviews.

Responsive Writing

I write personalized responses for all reviews, whether they are positive or negative, ensuring an active and positive presence on every platform.

Accurate Translation

When the review is in a foreign language, I translate the response accordingly, ensuring clear communication with all international customers.

Monthly Reports

I provide detailed monthly reports on reviews and responses, offering a comprehensive overview of customer perception and potential areas for improvement.

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